AVCLabs PhotoPro AI Introduction

Before applying any function or effect, it's essential to choose a specific area to work on, and our selection tools offer a versatile array of options to suit your unique needs.

Selection Tools

On the left of the interface, you can see a list of selection tools.

deselect Deselect all Clear or remove all current selections
brush Brush Use a brush to select freely, you can adjust the brush size to ensure precise selection
click Object selection Make selections by clicking on the image. Left-click to expand regions and right-click to subtract regions from the selection on the image
rectangle Rectangle selection Select areas in a square or rectangular shape
circle Circle selection Select an area in a circular shape
foreground Foreground selection Click this button to select foreground
background Background selection Click this button to select background
reverse Reverse selection Click this button to select the inverse of whatever is already selected
restore Restore the selection Click this button to restore the current selection


1. You can right click to subtract the selected regions when using brush, object, rectangle and circle selection tools.

2. Choose at least one area in order to activate the Inpaint and Matting tools. For the remaining tools, you can either select a specific area or apply the function to the entire photo.