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Top 8 AI Portrait Generators For Business & Fun: Create Stunning Self-Portraits

"What's the software people use to make AI art/self portraits? - Asked from Reddit"

The advent of AI in the realm of digital imagery has revolutionized how we create art, offering a range of techniques from Neural Style Transfer (NST) to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Diffusion Models, each contributing to the burgeoning field of AI image generation. Among these innovations, AI portrait generators have emerged as a standout application, allowing users to craft stunning self-portraits with intricacies that were once the sole domain of human artists. Here's a look at the top 8 AI portrait generators that stand out for their unique features and the ability to produce high-quality, artistic self-portraits.

ai self portrait generator

Part 1: What is an AI Portrait Generator?

The concept of Self-portrait holds diverse uses, commonly seen in art as a means of self-expression, enabling individuals to visually delve into their identity and feelings. An AI Self-Portrait Generator is a tool employing artificial intelligence to craft digital self-portraits from images or photos. It harnesses neural networks, machine learning, and occasionally generative adversarial networks (GANs) to examine input images and convert them into fresh artistic renditions. This could involve adopting the artistic technique of a renowned painter, producing a cartoon rendition of a photograph, or crafting a wholly novel facial depiction.

Types of AI Portrait Generators:

① AI Generated Self Portrait from Text: Users provide textual descriptions describing a person's appearance like hair color, facial features, and expressions. The AI interprets this text to produce a portrait that aligns with the description.

② AI Generated Self Portrait from Photo: Utilizing an existing photograph as the input, advanced deep learning methods are employed by the AI to convert the image into a fresh portrait, often incorporating diverse artistic styles or enhancements.

Part 2: Top 4 Online AI Self Portrait Generators You Should Try

1. Fotor

Create AI Self Portraits from Text & Photo

Price: The subscription prices of the AI Avatar generator feature starts at $19.9 for 20 images

Fotor stands out for its impressive set of creative AI tools, including an AI image generator that can be used to transform your portraits into works of art. You can generate an AI portrait by entering text-based prompts or uploading an existing image. Fotor offers a variety of selectable avatar styles such as cyberpunk, anime, 3D, oil painting, etc. For more professional avatar portraits, we recommend using the AI Avatar generator. Just choose the avatar style you want, then upload 3-5 pictures for big data analysis and scanning, and your photos can instantly turn into stunning art.

fotor ai self generator
  • Avatars can be created using various methods
  • A wide array of styles are available for selection
  • There is no limit on the number of image prompts
  • Certain avatar generation features are only accessible with a subscription

2. AI Portraits

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: Free to use with limited features; premium plans are available for advanced options starting at $2.99 for 10 credits

AI Portraits is a cutting-edge picture-to-picture avatar generator designed especially for crafting polished and professional profile pictures. It streamlines the process by categorizing avatar templates based on occupation, gender, and ethnicity, offering a vast selection of over 2000 templates for users to explore. With this platform, finding and generating your desired avatar style has never been easier or more convenient.

ai portraits ai self generator
  • Tons of avatar templates for users to explore
  • Powerful AI algorithms for analyzing and enhancing photos
  • The interface is user-friendly and offers a preview of results before saving them
  • Multiple avatar templates exhibit a notable similarity in style

3. CapCut

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: Free

While CapCut is recognized as a popular video editing software, its online version presents a plethora of AI and photo-centric functionalities, including a cutting-edge AI selfie portrait creator. This tool enables users to produce a diverse selection of AI-enhanced portraits through uploaded images. By selecting from five distinct styles, users can effortlessly preview and save AI portraits without incurring any costs or encountering bothersome watermarks.

capcut ai self generator
  • Completely free online tool
  • Simple and quick to use
  • The resulting selfie portrait closely resembles the original image and features a vibrant style
  • The available style is limited to five and may not be suitable for formal social media and professional purposes

4. VanceAI

Create AI Self Portraits from Text & Photo

Price: Start at $4.95 for 100 Credits

VanceAI offers a free AI portrait generator that allows users to create portraits using two methods: generating portraits from text and generating portraits from photos. Users have the option to upload images and pick a style from a selection to generate AI portraits, or they can describe the style and content they want in text format. This feature caters to different needs like creating selfies or family pictures.

vance ai ai self generator
  • Provide two different portrait generation methods
  • Supply a multitude of styling and personalization choices for artistic endeavors
  • Powerful generative artificial intelligence capabilities
  • The range of art styles is confined, predominantly to cartoon-like portraits, which may not be appropriate for official events

Part 3: Recommend Best 4 Mobile AI Self Portrait Generators

1. Portrait AI

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: Free trial and $4.99 per month afterward

If you're in search of a creative AI app for generating artistic portraits on your mobile device, consider trying out the Portrait AI app. This app can transform your regular selfies into portraits reminiscent of those painted in historical eras, giving them a classical artistic flair. Using Portrait AI is straightforward – all you need to do is upload a selfie and tap the generate button, which will present you with four captivating classical-style portrait options to select from.

portrait ai ai self generator
  • Facilitate imaginative and artistic alterations
  • Offer an assortment of art styles from different historical periods for selection
  • Allow you to compare original and converted images
  • Limited availability for certain photo types

2. YouCam Perfect

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: Free trial and $5.99 per month afterward

The YouCam Perfect app has introduced the new AI Magic Avatar feature, offering more than 60 creative portrait styles. This feature allows users to explore artistic effects and generate hyper-realistic digital avatars by inputting 10-20 selfies. This adds a fresh level of personalization and creativity to the app. Additionally, YouCam Perfect functions as a versatile image editing tool with numerous features to improve and beautify your pictures.

youcam perfect ai self generator
  • Combining various artificial intelligence functions into a unified platform
  • A broad selection of avatar styles spanning formal social media looks to creative designs
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface
  • Many advanced AI capabilities are not available for free

3. Picsart

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: $7 per month access to AI tools

Picsart is the first major editor able to generate two AI avatars in one image. By leveraging extensive image and text datasets for training models, Picsart achieves highly realistic and creative outcomes. A standout feature is the “Inspire Me” option in the AI image generator, which presents curated text prompts to guide users in creating portrait-style images that excel in style, facial expression, and pose to suit their needs.

picsart ai self generator
  • Able to generate dual AI avatars within a single image
  • The platform's AI capabilities significantly simplify complex editing task
  • 80+ styles under Effects (20+ AI filters); allow partial effect removal
  • The AI portrait generator feature is not available for free

4. Lensa

Create AI Self Portraits from Photo

Price: 7-day free trial, subscription prices starting at $3.99 for 50 images

Lensa AI is a mobile application developed by Prisma Labs in 2019. Creating AI-powered avatars based on selfies is one of Lensa AI’s top-selling features. By employing a blend of artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, the app analyzes each photo, adjusting elements like lighting, skin tone, and facial features to produce captivating avatars. Users simply upload their selfies, and Lensa automatically generates impressive avatars. Additionally, the app provides a range of other handy features such as color intensity adjustment, lens correction, fade effects, sharpness tools, saturation editing, temperature adjustment, and more, ensuring users can consistently capture the perfect selfie.

lensa ai self generator
  • Provide more than 20 different selfish avatar styles to choose from
  • Ability to quickly generate hundreds of images in a short time
  • Various filters and style adjustments to customize the final effect
  • There is a risk that the photo will be overly retouched and unnatural

☞ Highly Recommended: AI Photo Editing Software to Make Your AI-generated Self Portraits Better

If you encounter AI-generated portraits that don't meet your pixel standards upon download or if you desire to refine your avatar for optimal usage across social platforms, consider giving AI Photo Editing Tools a shot. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI's AI Enhancement tool enhances photo quality by removing noise, grain, artifacts, and blur, while sharpening the image to make your photos clearer and crisper. Moreover, the AI Face Enhancement is capable of recognizing face details from low-resolution images and restoring extremely blurred faces, ensuring your avatar looks great on any social platform. In addition to image enhancement, AVCLabs PhotoPro AI also launched the latest AI generate and replace functions. With its AI generation and replacement features, users can easily remove unwanted elements from photos or replace them with new AI-generated objects.

enhance ai generated image

Key Features of AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Convert a blurred picture to HD Quality
  • AI erase and replace objects with a text prompt
  • Colorize B&W photos to make it come to life again
  • Automatically detect and replace face in the image with AI
  • Remove unwanted objects, people, watermarks
  • Upscale photos up to 3x, 4x without losing quality
photopro ai icon

Part 5: FAQs about AI Self Portrait Generators

Q: Are AI Self Portrait Generators accurate?

A: The accuracy of AI-generated portraits can vary. While some may produce striking resemblances, others may distort features or create unrealistic images. Results depend on factors like the quality of input data and the algorithm's design.

Q: Do I need to edit my AI-generated portraits?

A: It depends on the generator you use and your personal preference. Some generators might produce ready-to-use portraits, while others might allow for further customization. You can use AI photo editing tools like AVCLabs PhotoPro AI for further customization.

Q: Do AI portrait generators safeguard the privacy of my photos?

A: Majority of trustworthy AI portrait generators have privacy policies to prevent sharing your photos without your permission.


In conclusion, AI portrait generators are reshaping the landscape of digital artistry, offering both professionals and enthusiasts the tools to create compelling and personalized self-portraits. From the simplicity of online platforms like Fotor and AI Portraits to the on-the-go convenience of mobile apps like Portrait AI and Lensa, there's a solution for every need and skill level. These top 8 AI portrait generators not only democratize the art-making process but also open up a world of creativity and fun for business branding or personal expression.