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Make Old Photos Restoration with AI

There always are some old photos which were taken with family or the person we loved that can never see again. These photos can carry us back to many valued memories, and thus they are way too precious to be allowed to wither away. So how to restore old photos? You may find it is a very tricky problem years ago because old photo restoration could only be done by someone who knows professional editing skills. However, the good news is that nowadays with the rapid development of AI technology, old photos restoration can be done with ease by anybody. Here you can find how to make old photos restoration by applying the AI tech using the AI software: AVCLabs PhotoPro AI or photo restoration online tool for free: AVC.AI.

make old photos restoration with AI

Part 1: The Role of AI in Photo Restoration

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the field of photo restoration. Unlike traditional methods that require manual effort and expertise, AI can automatically detect and correct various types of damage in old photos. It can enhance faded colors, remove scratches, and even reconstruct missing parts of an image, making it an efficient and effective solution for photo restoration.

Part 2: How to Make Old Photos Restoration with AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Here the AI software we recommend is AVCLabs PhotoPro AI, which can restore old photos automatically and intelligently with only a few clicks. Besides photo restoration, it can also upscale photos without losing any quality.

It offers a range of features designed to restore old photos, including color enhancement, scratch removal, and detail reconstruction. By using advanced AI algorithms, it can analyze an old photo, identify areas of damage, and apply appropriate corrections to restore the image.

Key Features of AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Clear up blurry photos with advanced technology
  • Cutout image to make the background transparent
  • Remove unwanted objects, people, watermarks
  • Change the style of image to create unique look
  • Colorize B&W photos to make it come to life again
  • Upscale photos up to 3x, 4x without losing quality
photopro ai icon

Steps to Make Old Photos Restoration with AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Step 1:Download and Install AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

Download and install AVCLabs PhotoPro AI on your computer.

After you install the program on your computer, you can launch and you will see the main interface as the picture shown below.

main interface

Step 2:Import the Old Photo

You can click on the Browse button to choose the photo to import or simply drag and drop the source file to the program directly.

import image

Step 3: Apply the Enhance AI Model to Restore Old Photo

To restore old photo, you can select the Enhance AI model on the top of the interface, it's used to improve the overall quality of the photo, while other AI models are targeted on the specific photo problems like grainy, bad colors, etc. Then you are able to choose the enhance model according to your need. The default Standard model will enhance images with balanced improvements, and the High Definition model will enhance images with more pronounced improvements, but takes longer time to process. You can also tick off the Face Refinement option to retouch the portrait photos.

apply enhance ai

What's more, you can make a selection of the part of the image. Select a suitable section tool to cover the edited part, then apply to Enhance AI.

selet the part

Step 4:Preview the Effect and Save the Restored Photo

If you want to preview the final effect before saving the photo, you can click on the Contrast button and drag the white line to see the comparision between the original photo and the restored one.

After previewing the effects, you can click on the Save button to to save the restored photo to the defined folder automatically.

save processed image

Part 3: How to Make Old Photos Restoration Online for Free

If you don’t want to download an app, AVC.AI is an online product that can let you restore old photos online for free. It also enhances the photos automatically by applying the AI technology without any fine-tuning by yourself.

Steps to Make Old Photos Restoration Online

Step 1: Upload An Old Photo

You can click here to visit the website of AVC.AI.


Then click on the Upload Image button to upload an old photo.Currently supported input formats are *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.jfif, and *.webp.

increase images resolution online

Step 2: Choose the AI Model to Restore Old Photos

There are several AI features for you to choose. Here we can use the choose the Upscale model, which will fix all problems of the old photos.

If you want to upscale the photo, you can choose 200%, 300%, or 400% from the Scale option. And 100% will keep the original resolution of the photo. You can also turn on the Face Refinement to enhance the old portrait photos.

After setting the parameters, you can click on the Start Processing button to begin the process.

increase images resolution online for free

Step 3: Preview and Download Images

Once the process finishes, the fixed photo will be shown under the Processed Image tab. You can click the eye icon in the right place to preview it. Put the cursor on the image and move it side to side, then the dividing line will move accordingly to let you see the final effect on the right side.

processed low res image online

If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the Download Image button to keep the photo. Please note that the processed images will be deleted after 72 hours, so we suggest downloading them to your computer in time.

preview high resolution image online


Making old photos restoration is very easy by applying the AI tech. If you have many old photos need to be restored and pursue the best effect, the computer AI software AVCLabs PhotoPro AI is a better choice for you. If there are a few old photos and you don’t want to download any app, then you can try AVC.AI for free. Both two products are worth trying.